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We are at many baby and family centric shows across the country so check out our Show Schedule

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ASK YOUR Doctor, OBGYN, Hospital ....

Fill in the REGISTRATION FORM in our Gift Bags and Mail it in - the postage is pre paid so just pop it into the mail!

Ask your Doctor, Doula, Midwife, Hospital, OBGYN, Ultrasound clinic...for yours
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How can I get a FREE Gift Bag?

How do I get a Gift Bag?

Ask your medical professional or health practitioner for one of our Gift Bags.

I didn't get one from the doctor, how can I get one?

Our Gift Bags love to go to baby and family centric trade shows across the country. Check our schedule to see where we will be handing them out. Follow us on social media to get advance information where our Gift Bags will be next

Can you send me a Gift Bag?

Unfortunately no, we can not send a Gift Bag to an individual.

Where will your Gift Bags be given out next?

Check our Baby Show Schedule to see where we will be handing our Gift Bags out next and follow us on social media for updates

What is in the Gift Bag?

Our Gift Bags contain samples, coupons, relevant information and special offers from Name Brand sponsors, local businesses and mompreneurs

How are the Gift Bags Distributed?

Our Gift Bags are distributed across the country by way of an incredible distribution network. Almost 1,200 Hospitals, Doctors, OBGYNs, Doulas, Midwives, Military, medical and other related professionals hand out our Gift Bags.

Who are the Gift Bags for?

Our Gift Bags are put together with the New and Expecting parent in mind, however our coupons and offers and samples are for all parents.

What's IN the Bag?
Our Gift Bags change monthly, however, may include samples, special offers and information from the following partners;
Sudocrem Diaper Cream
Today's Parent Magazine
Aleva Naturals Sample
Mother's Lounge 9 Pack Coupons
Lansinoh Breast Pad
Dewlyn's Diaper Rash Cream
Chatelaine Magazine
Thank you to our Brand Partners